Beam Me the Keyboard, Scotty!

Wow, this one is amazing. Now there’s a virtual keyboard that is projected onto any surface by laser. Created by VKB, Inc., this new technology can be potentially used for PDAs, cell phones, computer monitors, and other possibilities. You can see it in action right now at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

There’s another virtual keyboard product available by Senseboard, too. This one is a hand-mounted device. Interesting stuff.

I’ve been using the Targus Stowaway keyboard for quite awhile now and love it. Folded up it’s not much bigger than my small Handspring Visor, and I can easily have them both in my purse, using its full keyboard wherever I go.

While the virtual keyboard technology is fascinating to me, I’m curious about typing accuracy and how the physical touch cues that we rely on with our physical keyboards are compensated for with typing on practically any surface, so I’d love to try one out for myself to see what it’s like.

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