Friday Feast #1: Pixelview, ALA, Digital Web

So many new items to report. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • The latest Pixelview interviewee is Bob Frankston, co-creator of Visi Calc. Bob provides some unique and interesting insight about the Internet and its role, a bit of what he’s done, links to his sites, and much more.
  • Digital Web continues its theme on photography this month with An interview with Geoffrey Hiller, photographer by Meryl Evans. I had the privilege of meeting the exceedingly talented and kind Geoffrey Hiller in Portland last summer. A former National Geographic photographer, I find his passion for life and people of the world inspiring and captivating, transporting me to feeling close to being at the scene of every single one of his breathtaking photographs.
  • This week’s A List Apart features Carrie Bickner with Modifying Dreamweaver to Produce Valid XHTML and Christopher Schmitt with Accessibility and Authoring Tools. Both of these informative, helpful articles cover important aspects of our work as designers and developers—creating sites with valid markup (whether or not with Dreamweaver) that also provide good accessibility. Carrie’s tutorial is easy to understand and provides helpful tips, whether or not you use Dreamweaver. Chris Schmitt interviewed folks at Adobe and Macromedia for their latest on accessibility, web standards, and tools.

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