CSS and Pushing Beyond Our Limited Thinking

To put into action what the talented Chris Casciano wrote about in his terrific article Your CSS Bores Me, during the month of February Chris used a different style sheet with the same XHTML for each of the first 20 days of the month to explore the flexibilities of CSS. At his Daily CSS Fun page he explains each one, providing the CSS for us plus exceptional screenshots to explain all the details. Wow, to put it mildly! What an incredible learning tool.

Huge thanks to Chris Casciano for putting the time and effort into sharing all of this, especially in such an exemplary way.

While being so well done and fascinating, Chris’s experiment is also inspirational to me because of the exploring, the playing, and the fun of trying such a range of possibilities. When we push ourselves to try things, to experiment and explore, and to try something even if we think it might not work or isn’t what we’d initially envisioned, we can push beyond our limitations. After all, so many limitations are in our minds thinking things like, "I can’t do that," "I’m too busy to learn this," "it’s too hard," "that won’t work," "but that’s not what I had in mind," and a million other roadblocks we humans tend to do, often without even realizing we’re limiting ourselves.

Whether with CSS or anything else, open the door to possibilities, allow the seemingly impossible, and the door will open far beyond dreaming the impossible.

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