Designing for Clients and Users

Mark Howells has a new article at his site, Professionalism in Web Design, that covers some key points to keep in mind:

  • developing for a client
  • using technology to achieve the best result
  • accessibility
  • coding to "the standards"
  • evolving your skills with the constantly changing developing environment

Just as important is designing tools for users. In her new article, Taking the "you" out of user: My experience using personas, Meg Hourihan writes about how Blogger’s design took a very different direction when they redesigned it prior to launch using personas. She also makes some important key points from lessons learned:

  • Don’t choose flashy technology over accessibility.
  • Don’t assume users will be more impressed by a robust interface they can’t use than by a less elegant application that they could use.
  • Distinguish who your real users will be rather than assuming they’ll all be just like you.

Both of these articles advise thinking beyond ourselves to the user, remembering accessibility, designing for the times, and being practical. I only touched the highlights. There’s a lot said in each of these that provide helpful insight.

And while you’re at it, Mark Howells' site and the new Boxes and Arrows have a lot worth exploring in addition to the two new articles that I mention above.

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