User-Unfriendly Software

Long story short: I’m reformatting my main computer’s hard drive today, starting fresh. What should have been a straightforward new software installation ended up ruining my OS.

I followed the instructions, which weren’t tough—place the CD in the CD-ROM drive and click the button to select INSTALL. One would naturally anticipate the software program to install, never imagining that it would totally ruin one’s OS. Right?!?!

A letter of complaint to this major software company is definitely in order. I’m also frustrated by the 2-1/2+ days of work I’m missing from first trying to repair my OS (to no avail) and now reformatting my hard drive, reinstalling my software, and networking my data back and forth.

Being self-employed has millions of advantages that I love, but the disadvantage at the moment is not being a big company with someone down the hall who’s there to work on computer problems while I continue working away on my laptop until my main computer is fixed. Instead I fix such things myself. That’s a small price that I’m more than willing to pay. But I’m still ticked at the software company for their user-unfriendly software.

Addendum: Norton SystemWorks ruined my OS, even though it states it’s compatible with Windows 2000, I followed their instructions, and I also followed their trouble-shooting help to the letter. Your mileage may vary (and I hope no one goes through what I just did!).

I do use Norton Anti-Virus on the same computer with Windows 2000 Professional, by the way, without any problems.

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