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Fun with Handspring Springboard Modules

Handspring has special deals all the time, as many companies do to help promote their products. After being a happy Visor Deluxe user for over two years, I upgraded to a Handspring Prism with its 65,000+ colors screen, which included a free EyeModule digital camera.

playing with Handspring’s eyemoduleHere is one of my first attempts working with mirrors and reflections for the Mirror Project.

Just like the other Springboard modules, the EyeModule clicks right into the expansion slot and instantly comes to life. I was taking pictures within moments after just a quick scan of the simple directions.

You can take black-and-white or color images, and the EyeModule works with any of Handspring’s PDAs. After installing the EyeModule software to your computer, whenever you HotSync the images will transfer to your computer. They’ll be immediately available with their Media Center software or your favorite graphics program. You can also beam them from your PDA or email them to your friends with the click of a button, too.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for high quality image results, you won’t be satisfied with the EyeModule. If you want something fun that easily and conveniently takes pictures and integrates with your computer, then it’s perfect. The newer EyeModule2 even takes QuickTime mini-movies.

Regarding Visor Prism’s color and performance

The color screen is easy to read and clear. The color quality is very good but not exceptional. The color enhancements within the interface and with many of the programs can also provide helpful visual cues. Word of warning, though: the games are even more fun in color, so be careful.

I also find my Visor Prism to outperform my Visor Deluxe, responding more quickly and performing tasks faster than my Visor Deluxe. I especially like the Prism’s built-in recharging that’s convenient and means I don’t have to buy batteries for it.

The Visor Deluxe and the Visor Prism are both great handhelds, and I recommend either of them. If you want to take decent digital photos with an inexpensive, easy-to-use digital camera, the EyeModule is a fun, simple, and convenient one to use.

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