Friday Feast #3: A Mixed Pot of Goodies

Uh-oh. This is my 3rd Friday Feast in a row. Does that mean it’s becoming a habit?! Well, there are always so many new articles, links, and fun information, so today’s a good day to play a bit of catch-up with a select few. Today’s Friday Feast covers new articles and weblogs around the Web.

First, here are a few new links related to CSS:

  • WebReference CSS Rollovers Update
    Andy King and crew have tweaked the CSS roll-over markup they began a couple of weeks ago. These work for Netscape 4.x browsers, too. Several possibilities are shown with the markup there for the taking, and there are links to more information, too. Very helpful! Rudy Limeback is wondering if we’ll ever be able to not have hacks, whether W3C valid or not.
  • CSS Tips, Adobe GoLive 6.0 Review
    Joe Gillespie has a new issue of WPDFD, including much needed CSS font tips, CSS Font Specs, that covers which fonts to use, in what order, and why. He also offers a helpful new article on style sheets, Style Sheets Without Tears and provides a mini-review on Adobe GoLive 6.0.
  • Classy CSS
    David Eisenberg has a terrific and helpful CSS tutorial about mixing multiple classes with CSS, CSS: Mix and Match Classes. Check out the rest of David’s site, too. He has plenty of well-written and easy-to-understand tutorials, tips, and articles.
  • WestCiv’s Layout Master
    WestCiv has just released their new Layout Master 1.1 for Windows (it’s also available for Macs). Create and edit CSS layouts (including positioning!) with their intuitive interface. Download the free trial version and see for yourself.

And here’s an eclectic mix of other good ones:

  • Digital Web: Photography
    Digital Web continues its weekly updates with its final edition on photography this week.
  • Flash MX
    JD on MX is John Dowdell’s new weblog focused on the new Flash MX. John has worked for Macromedia for quite some time now and is actively involved in numerous discussion lists and is always so helpful and so nice. So is his new weblog.
    [hat tip: Meryl’s Notes]
  • Home Networking Options
    David Pogue of the NY Times wrote a fabulous review and comparison of networking options in his new article, Instant Home Computer Networks. His article gives the pros and cons of networking via phone line (HomePNA), via your home’s electrical wiring (Powerline), wireless, and running cable. Instant Home Computer Networks. Straightforward and informative.
  • New Weblog About Weblogs, Webzine News
    Microcontent News is a new weblog (started in February) by John Hiler covering weblogs, Webzines, email digests, personal publishing, and the business behind it all. Fascinating reading and so well done!
  • Nonprofit Online News Turns Five
    Congratulations to The Gilbert Center’s Nonprofit Online News magazine, weblog, turning five years old this month.
  • Pixelview’s Latest: Joe Crawford
    Learn more about Joe Crawford with the latest interview at Pixelview by the head lemur.

And finally, just for fun:

  • Fun with Photos
    1. Mirror Project, by Heather Champ, is one of a bunch of photo galleries on the Web where you can also submit photos with a theme in mind. The Mirror Project wants self-portraits in a mirror or reflective surface.
    Photo by Shirley Kaiser taken with the Mirror Project in mind.
    2., by Daniel Craig Giffen, offers a photo gallery and submissions showing times throughout the day.
    3. Waferbaby has several photo galleries and submissions, including the sleep project, the group project, the eye project and more.
  • What Font Are You?
    If you were a font, what font would you be? has a short quiz to help determine that. I’ll confess mine: Visit Brainstorms and Raves' Play section for more online fun, games and great distractions.

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