P22 Announces New William Morris Fonts

Richard Kegler of P22 Fonts has painstakingly created the new William Morris Font Set featuring William Morris’s Kelmscott Press books typeface designs.

P22 William Morris Fonts

P22’s new set includes Morris Troy, Morris Golden, and Morris Ornaments, as shown above.

Morris Golden has a slightly rough edge to simulate the look of printing on handmade paper, which you’ll notice more in larger sizes. According to Kegler, Morris Troy is a more accurate rendering than any previous digitized versions, reflecting Morris’s original intent, including the tight spacing. Morris Ornaments are decorative drop cap initials and other embellishments, with the drop cap initials once again intended to be used at larger sizes.

Flower embellishment from Morris OrnamentsP22 is known for its quality typefaces, and their new set is no exception. As I explored these three fonts and played around with all the characters in Photoshop at various sizes, I was tremendously impressed with the level of detail, clarity, and quality of each of them. They are truly beautifully made and would add a special touch to any project that could benefit from these styles.

Flower embellishment from Morris OrnamentsP22 has a TypeCaster tool which allows visitors to test fonts online, so you can try a variety of possibilities with this new font set or any of the other exceptional fonts offered at P22.

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