Are You Willing to Pay for Content?

Netdiver asked and over 600 responded to the Pay-for-content mini-survey. Interesting reading and results, including an extensive bibliography.

Independent content sites such as Digital Web, Coolhomepages and others are asking for voluntary donations. It’s clear from the survey results that people do realize that a significant amount of time and effort is put in to our independent content sites, and most also feel they’ve gained tremendously from them. But only about 1/3 are willing to pay for them, too, according to Netdiver’s survey.

I think we’ve gotten so used to nearly everything on the Internet being available for free that it’s tough to shift to actually having to pay for what we’ve had freely available. However, many of us can’t continue to offer these sites long term totally by volunteers and funds from our own pockets, especially as these sites have grown larger and have greater needs.

I hope more will be willing to donate even a small amount to help keep these exceptional independent content sites alive and well, whether through direct contributions or making purchases through the affiliate links or other similar programs. Just think where we’d be without them.

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