VisiBone Offers New Color Chart

Run, don’t walk, to VisiBone’s site and order his brand new Web Color Kilochart, hot off the presses this morning!

VisiBone’s new Color Kilochart

VisiBone’s new 18" by 24" color chart boasts over 1,000 colors - 1,068 to be exact. There are 42 hue groups, 25 shades each, plus grays, black, and white.

If you’ve already ordered any of VisiBone’s color or HTML products, you know that the quality is unsurpassed. Many people frame VisiBone’s charts because they’re such beautiful works of art in addition to being so useful for reference.

At my own office I have VisiBone’s color charts, mouse pads, and HTML charts, all as ready references. I also use his color palettes within Photoshop and HomeSite, too (they’re in quite a few programs).

Since we needn’t be quite as concerned at this point about the web-safe palette, VisiBone has branched out to include so many more colors in this new chart. And he still offers his well-known web-safe color charts, too, of course.

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