Friday Feast #5: Mixed Stew - CSS, Design, Site Promotion, Writing, Reference, Books

Since today’s Friday Feast is the 5th Friday Feast in a row, it looks like it’s indeed becoming a habit. We’re on a roll. Today’s is quite a mix of interesting links around the Web.

More on Color

Wednesday’s column, How’s Your Color? generated some very kind email responses. Thanks again to all, and I’m thrilled that it was helpful information. Here’s a little more on color, too:

    by the talented Kirk Franklin. A larger web-smart palette using a 16x16x16 cube of 4,096 colors, provided in several different ways for your use via the site (proposed by MacEdition’s CodeBitch). Excellent tool.
    [Hat tip to CodeBitch for reminding me of this fabulous resource!]

More on JavaScript-Dependence and Accessibility

CSS Latest

  • CSS Tags Fully Supported by Netscape 4.x/Win
    New chart by Bob Sawyer that lists what Netscape 4.x (windows) will support. Helpful list.
  • CSS OwenHack
    Helpful workarounds for CSS quirks. (Server down Thursday, but hopefully it will be back up shortly)
  • Zeldman’s CSS Journeys
    Check out Jeffrey Zeldman’s Daily report for April 15-18 about his adventures with CSS bugs with his latest design and what he learned and figured out to fix them. Very helpful source of information!

Digital Web’s Latest

New this week:


Site Promotion

Writing References

Internet References

Telephone References


    Compare prices at nine online bookstores for in-print and many out-of-print books.

Just for Fun

  • SETI@home
    The search for extraterrestial intelligence. "SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data."

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