New Review of My CD, Journey Within

Journey Within, by Shirley KaiserRenaissance Woman Journeys Within is a new review by Joel Canfield (known among evolt.org readers as 'spinhead') which happens to review my CD, Journey Within. Joel’s review is amazingly thorough and also captures the overall essence of my CD. He truly seems to understand what my music is all about, which is a good feeling to me, of course.

My mom died just as I finished recording the CD, resulting in the CD’s final production and more concerts being put on hold for awhile. So, while the CD isn’t out for sale quite yet, I’ll be pushing to get it out there soon, especially after Joel’s very kind review. You can at least hear sound clips at my other site, though, and see if you happen to like this style of music.

What is my music like? I hope the sound clips and information at my other site give an idea about that, and Joel’s review also goes into far more detail. He’ll be writing a follow-up soon of an interview in which I’ve answered many questions about the inspiration behind the music, how and why I wrote it, and more.

For those who don’t already know this about me, in addition to running my web design business, I’ve also been a musician all my life, with my academic degrees being in piano performance. I’m currently planning ways to incorporate my music knowledge and skills into my web business, too, to bring these two passionate loves together.

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