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VisiBone’s new Web Color KilochartI recently wrote about VisiBone’s new Web Color KiloChart. Mine is now right here by my desk for handy reference and is such a beautiful poster just to look at and enjoy, too. The paper quality, the print quality, and the overall layout are even more striking than the image samples shown at his site.

On this new KiloChart you’ll find the decimal RGB color codes rather than the hexadecimal HTML codes. As VisiBone’s owner Bob Stein explains at his site and on his charts, W3C suggests using style sheets to specify colors in a web page. He’s also provided alternatives to all hex color codes in HTML at his site.

I must confess that I haven’t gotten in the habit yet of using the RGB codes, but after talking to Bob about it, reading his notes, and thinking about it, I’m going to start shifting my CSS markup to this now, too. Maybe VisiBone’s new Web Color KiloChart is a gentle shift of awareness for those of us still using the hex codes, huh?

In addition to the new KiloChart, I think I have all or nearly all of VisiBone’s products—color chart mousepads and HTML and color charts and posters. They are all so handy, are of such high quality, and are works of art in themselves. I refer to them all the time.

Bob is also a close friend of mine, and because of that I’ve gotten to know how deeply he cares about the quality and accuracy of everything he creates. He’s an extremely detail-oriented person, which is also why all of his products are so terrific. I’d be raving about his products even if I didn’t know him personally, but knowing him has also heightened my understanding of the TLC and careful attention to detail that goes on behind the scenes to produce everything and why they turn out so well.

By the way, the CSS3 module: Color is the latest working draft specifically for color with CSS. It includes and extends the properties and values from CSS 2. The W3C is still accepting comments about this working draft until May 17th, 2002.

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