Macromedia’s New MX Series

You may have been already hearing the rave reviews about the new Flash MX. Macromedia has now announced more in their MX series—Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, Coldfusion MX, and Studio MX.

Improved Standards Support for Dreamweaver MX

Look forward to much better support for W3C Recommendations with Dreamweaver MX, including much improved support for XHTML, CSS, and accessibility. This is in no small way due to WaSP’s Dreamweaver Task Force, who consulted with Dreamweaver’s engineers. Big kudos to Macromedia’s Dreamweaver engineers for their major efforts with a much improved product.

By the way, WaSP’s new site is underway behind the scenes (and will be available soon!). You may not see much from the outside, but we’ve been busy bees WaSPs behind the scenes. The Dreamweaver Task Force is just one of the signs of that continued effort.

You can download the Dreamweaver MX Preview and check out further details at Macromedia’s site.

New Dreamweaver MX Tutorials

And Jeffrey Zeldman notes new tutorials by Rachel Andrew who’s played a leading role in WaSP’s Dreamweaver Task Force, too:

Rachel really knows her stuff, especially when it comes to Dreamweaver, as I know first hand from working with her. Her tutorials are also very well done, easy to understand, and very helpful. These new tutorials will give a great boost to working with the new Dreamweaver MX, too.

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