Want to Create a Skyline? Use a Dingbat Font

Easy to do with the free font-o-ville at night dingbat font by Raymond Brekelmans of font-o-ville. Each of the buildings in the sample below is one character. I typed 'hrfotmvc' and then played in Photoshop in a second layer. Type away and create your own skyline with the 35 or so buildings possible.

Font-o-ville dingbat font sample -- easy to create with this dingbat font and Photoshop

The Font-o-ville site has several other free and distinctive fonts, too, mostly display fonts and more casual fonts, and are available for both Macs and PCs.

Graphics Tips

Using your imagination with dingbat fonts can mean wonderfully creative images to enhance your site, newsletter, anything you wish. You can type with them in your word processing program or explore endless possibilities with them in your graphics programs.

I wrote a tutorial for WebReference a year or so ago, 3D Dingbats: Bringing a Dingbat to Life to show a glimpse into how you can have fun with dingbat fonts.

More Fonts

Visit the Typography archives here and’s Fonts section for links to many of the best font sites out there.

Addendum 05-06-2002:

New Breed Librarian’s Juanita Benedicto has created a skyline with font-o-ville at night, too. Check it out!

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