Photoshop 7’s New Paint Engine

One of the new features to Photoshop 7 is its Paint Engine. David Nagel wrote two reviews for Creative Mac that go into good detail about its features, including screen shots: A Closer Look: Photoshop’s New Paint Engine, and The Photoshop 7 Paint Engine, Part 2. And what does he think overall? Here’s a snippet:

“I’ve been working with Photoshop 7 for some time now, and I find it to be the best release of this software to date. It’s fast, streamlined and refined. The new paint engine doesn’t slow it down or get in the way of anything else. It simply provides more options for how you want to work.

“On the other hand, the new paint engine is nowhere near as sophisticated as the paint engines in either Studio Artist or Painter. Not even close. But Photoshop’s paint engine does have the advantage of being embedded in the program that is the definition of ubiquity among creative professionals in all visual arts.”

photoshop 7 screenshotThat about sums up my initial observations, too. Over the weekend I spent a little time exploring a few of version 7’s new features (including reading what the included User Guide had to say about it). My initial overall reaction is that the additions truly enhance an already exceptional program. Photoshop has been and remains my favorite program of all that I use (and I don’t say that lightly!). As I explore in more depth, I’ll write more here, too.

Nagel has also written other articles and reviews about the new Photoshop 7, including:
Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Image editing and paint application, 05-01-2002
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