Forward Thinking, Flash, Standards, More - Sitepoint’s Interview with Jeffrey Zeldman

I just read the latest article I’m adding to my list of favorites right now: Interview - Jeffrey Zeldman of A List Apart, by Jeremy Wright for SitePoint’s WebmasterBase. Jeffrey shares his views about several important areas for designers and developers in this new interview.

While he answers a series of questions, Jeffrey’s provided a window of insight that I especially appreciate reading. He encapsulates the value of thinking forward and what to use to implement that approach while he discusses what’s on the horizon. His sincere account of the advantages and disadvantages of CSS, XHTML, SVG, and Flash was right on target. And I found how he goes about a new design concept to be fascinating. (I’d love to see an entire article about just that, too!) The interview was topped off with a list of 10 dos and don'ts for himself and other designers. Great reading.

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