Independent Content and Insight: Digital Web Turns Six

Digital Web celebrates its sixth birthday! Nick Finck, creator and Editor in Chief of Digital Web, shares his story and insight about the past six years and Digital Web’s evolution in this week’s new feature, Independent Publishing is Growing Up, A look at Digital Web’s growth and challenges.

As both a colleague and a special friend, I’ve had many conversations with Nick about Digital Web, about its evolution, about the day-to-day process, about deadlines, about so much that has gone into it over the years. I’ve seen how much effort he’s put into it, and I’ve also seen how passionate he is about his amazing project. I admire what he’s accomplished and his overflowing talent, but more than anything I admire his spirit and his good heart. I know that so many have contributed because they see this in Nick, too. All put together is what has made Digital Web so tremendous and stand out.

And as Nick states in his new article,

“It was never about the money, it was about the freedom of expression and the ability to share knowledge. . . 

“What good is getting paid for something you hate to do? It only pays the bills.

“Doing something you love to do and doing for free pays the soul.”

Congratulations to Nick and the crew! You continue to amaze me.

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