Friday Feast #9: Accessibility, CSS, Design, Graphics, Information Architecture, Music, Search Engines, Usability, Writing

Today’s Friday Feast continues with its eclectic mix of links to fascinating sites. See also previous Friday Feasts.


Book Reviews

  • In this week’s WebReference Newsletter Andy King reviews Vincent Flanders' new book Son of Web Pages That Suck. Andy provides an insightful, terrific review of Flanders' new book that’s geared for beginning to intermediate web designers, obviously enjoying Flanders' unique humorous, witty approach to pointing out what not to do in your own sites. Andy also interviews Flanders about his latest book.



Graphics - Photoshop

  • Oooh ... Shiny! Creating editable metallic effects on text in Photoshop
    05/16/2002 by David Nagel for Digital Media Designer. Well done, easy-to-understand tutorial teaching the techniques for creating shiny metallic effects and adding a pattern to text (from a photo, in this example) for a variety of possible results. Plenty of screenshots and easy to follow.

Information Architecture

  • Michael Graber Contemplates The Poetics of Information Architecture
    Down-to-earth article explains what makes a site work well and why. By Michael Graber for Design Interact.
  • MyWhine
    Weblog - "a glorified bookmark" for information architecture, information management, metadata and taxonomy, user experience design, and more. Weblog by Madonnlisa Chan, Metadata Services Manager at Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • relationships
    Terrific and simple chart by Christina Wodke,, showing the correlation among findability, understandability and usability. Good discussion at the site, too.


  • Apple: Play music at your own risk
    By Gwendolyn Mariano, CNET Copy-protected discs are not standard CDs and thus not meant to be played in Apple’s products, according to Apple’s site, and damage may not be covered by warranty. Huh?!
    [hat tip:]
  • Bluff City Backsliders
    This group’s style: “soulful, spirited, and often very funny sounds that first made Beale Street famous.” The group includes information architect Michael Graber. This music lightened my heart and my spirit. Good listening.
  • Printable Manuscript Paper
    at Linkwaregraphics Music Images. After countless inquiries, I’ve finally created music manuscript paper for printing in a couple of formats and styles. So if you’re interested in writing your own music, feel free to download this standard manuscript paper and print it out as you need it.

Search Engines

  • Kart00
    See how you’re linked via a graphical display of results showing relationships between key web sites and ideas. Especially cool if you have Flash enabled, but an HTML version is also available.
    [hat tip: Marylaine Block’s Neat New Stuff on the Net (for May 17, 2002)]

Usability and Fonts

Writing, Content

  • Resources for Writers
    by Wanna Write? Includes annotated links to news sources, magazines, copywriting, publishing, research and tools, more.

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