Chandra Levy’s Body Found

So many of us have hoped and prayed that Washington intern Chandra Levy would be found alive, despite the odds. I’m speechless and heartbroken to learn that the remains of her body were discovered this morning at Washington, D. C.’s Rock Creek Park. The worst is now confirmed.

Living just an hour north of Modesto here in California, her disappearance has been more frequently on the news and followed more closely than elsewhere in the nation, even though her ties to Congressman Gary Condit brought nationwide attention. We all continued to hope and pray for the best.

I can’t even imagine what her parents are going through right now after an entire year of their daughter missing. Thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends, and loved ones.

Tests determine remains are Chandra Levy’s
May 22, 2002, 09:50:07 AM PDT, Modesto Bee

Where’s Chandra?
(Although not the official site, it’s constantly updated with a weblog, lots of links and latest information, timeline history, and more.)

The Chandra Levy Case
ABC’s full coverage with links to the latest updates and all their stories and articles on this case since her disappearance May 1, 2001.

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