Friday Feast #10: Blogs, Google, and Music

Today’s Friday Feast stays on 3 topics, blogs, Google, and music. These are some of my latest finds. But first is a creative approach to recognizing librarians:


  • dive into mark
    Mark Pilgrim’s weblog with a mix of personal, technology, blogs, design, accessibility, the Web, and related. Interesting writer and well done.
  • Soapbox @ Woodster
    Michael Woodruff’s annotated links to articles, tutorials, and info around the Web related to usability, technology, the Web, and related. Terrific.
  • The Shifted Librarian
    Jenny Levine’s weblog with a mix of technology, the Web, library info, research info, and related. Great reading.
  • Web Manager’s Weblog
    Elaine Nelson’s weblog with emphasis on design, accessibility, other weblogs, and related. Good info.


  • Dilbert and the Google Doodle
    What’s with the Dilbert comics on the main page? Check out what’s up and see all of them at this Google page.
  • Google Labs
    Check out Google’s experiments, such as the Google Glossary, voice search or keyboard shortcuts.
  • Google Opens Up Google Labs...
    Good review of the features of the new Google Labs by Tara Calishain for ResearchBuzz.


  • Cab Calloway
    Hi De Ho! Check out the site of the one and only jazz musician Cab Calloway and his grandson’s orchestra. Go back in time and read about Dizzy Gillespie, Milton Hinton, and others.
  • 'Copy-proof' CDs cracked with marker pen
    “Technology buffs have cracked music publishing giant Sony Music’s elaborate disc copy-protection technology with a decidedly low-tech method: scribbling around the rim of a disk with a felt-tip marker.” (Ridiculous! They didn’t think someone would figure that out?!)
  • Music and the Brain
    Informative article that explains the basics about how singing and listening to music can influence our brainpower. Learn how to use music to improve your thinking. Article by the (Presented by The Amen Clinic For Behavioral Medicine)


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