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Have you ever heard a song on the radio that you really like but can’t quite place the singer(s) or title, wait for the DJ to announce it so you can go buy it, and then they break for commercial so you don’t find out? Well, a song remained elusive to me that way for quite some time. However, this story has a happy ending, thanks to the Internet.

While talking with my daughter this morning, the mystery song above came on her radio. Once again the DJ didn’t say what it was (ugh!). My daughter wasn’t sure but suggested "It Isn’t Easy."

[CD: 'America Town' - Five for Fighting, 2002]

Because of the Internet’s amazing resource capabilities and armed with "It Isn’t Easy" as a possible title, in less than 3 minutes I found the lyrics and even a sound clip that confirmed it was the correct song. It turns out the correct title is the Grammy 2002 nominated Superman (It Isn’t Easy), by Five for Fighting, written and sung by John Ondrasik and included on the America Town CD. Ah, the Internet is great for so many things.

What immediately captured my interest and attention to the song was Ondrasik’s intensely expressive voice that tweaked my heartstrings. The beautifully simple, clear piano and guitar introduction sparked my interest, but the song’s overall simple style, instrumentation and smooth and lyrical melody all grabbed my attention.

No wonder it was a 2002 Grammy Nominee.

John Ondrasik, the sole member of Five for Fighting, sheds some light on the meaning behind his many songs, including Superman (It’s Not Easy).

" 'Superman' is about humanity, the desire to belong, and the desperate need--and sometime inability--to feel. Even a guy like Superman wants to be human once in a while. We all try to be supermen in our jobs, everybody’s aspiring to be Superman, but sometimes that’s very hard, very disappointing, and we tend to lose the humanity in ourselves. 'Superman' is looking down inside yourself and trying to touch what you have. And that can be tough, and that can be scary, and that can be sad.

"I wouldn’t presume to comment on other people’s inner guts, but 'Superman' is mine."

So now I’ll be exploring this new-to-me singer-songwriter’s music in the days ahead. There’s always plenty of room for new music, especially with my highly eclectic taste.

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