WestCiv Announces CSS Program Upgrade

Style Master 2.2 is now available! An important part of this new upgrade is imaginative style sheet templates to help developers quickly create a style sheet and immediately see the results of linking it to a web page.

If you already belong to the relatively new and wildly successful CSS discussion list, css-discuss, you know that WestCiv sponsors the list and John Allsopp of WestCiv is one of the list chaperones (along with CSS guru Eric Meyer). Both are regulars there, along with many other helpful CSS experts and newbies alike. Whether you know nothing or are an expert, the css-discuss list is one of the most valuable means around for picking up amazingly helpful tips, the latest information, browser quirks and workarounds, answers to common and uncommon questions, and getting help. Terrific list.

WestCiv is clearly active in the community with a strong desire to create helpful standards-based products with improvements based on user feedback and needs. Check out their latest upgrade and their tutorials, too. The press release with further information is below.


WestCiv releases Style Master 2.2, upgrading their CSS editor.

May 29, 2002 - Bondi Beach, Australia - WestCiv announced today the release and immediate availability of Style Master 2.2, the cascading style sheet development environment for Windows and the MacOS.

CSS is the only acceptable standards-based approach to creating web page appearance. Style Master enables both WYSIWYG and hand-coded development of valid style sheets. With built-in browser support and reference information Style Master has helped developers overcome their reluctance to adopt this standard by

  • helping them to learn about the technology as they go
  • allowing them to rapidly create, test and deploy style sheets to
  • control text, body and positioning appearance across entire sites

This latest update includes

  • attractive and innovative style sheet templates
  • automated creation of style sheets from legacy, appearance based HTML: a great aid in transitioning to CSS
  • improved find and replace, color-coded text, white space control and other hand-coding helpers

Style Master 2.2 successfully combines the ease of use of a WYSIWYG editor with the power and flexibility of hand-coding in a single, lightweight, easy to use application.

For more information contact:

Maxine Sherrin
5/121 Curlewis St
Bondi NSW 2026 Australia
61 2 9130 1731

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