Friday Feast #11: Blogs, CSS, Design, Usability, Fonts, Computer Injuries, Music, and More

Before I get into today’s Friday Feast, I first must congratulate Jeffrey Zeldman Presents for entering its 8th year online today! Congratulations go to not only the time length but on consistently having some of the finest, most interesting, and most helpful information available anywhere. (Plus Jeffrey does this nearly every weekday and then some!)

On to today’s feast:
Today’s Friday Feast includes a few recently discovered sites but some of the sites I visit regularly, too, that I just have to mention here and there. Visit the Friday Feast archives for lots more, too!

* = one of my regulars


  • GraphicsNews
    Latest news in the graphics world, reviews, resource links, downloads, fonts, more. Sponsored by ArtToday (but not invadingly so).
  • New Media Matters *
    by Craig Saila. Weblog and top-notch information, tips, and tools on design, CSS (especially table-free designs that even work in Netscape 4), and building standards-based sites. Craig also often contributes great tips and help on at least a few discussion lists to which I also belong.
  • WebJives
    by Monica and Deepak Sharma. Short notes almost daily on programming, usability, the Web, interesting sites, personal, more. Also has links, resources, book reviews. The design also especially appealed to me—clean, simple, good white space, and table-free except for their top header.
  • WebWord *
    by John Rhodes. All about usability, technology, the Web.

Computer Use and Injuries

  • Alternative Keyboard FAQ
    Would an ergonomic keyboard be beneficial, whether or not you have any pain or problems with your current keyboard? How should you be positioned at your keyboard? Dozens of questions are answered here.
  • The Facts About Repetitive Strain Injuries
    John Rhodes interviews Scott Wright, Webmaster and Primary Caretaker of the Typing Injury FAQ. Informative information about using computers—ergonomics, keyboards, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), web design to help reduce strain to users, links, and more. Interesting reading.


Design, Usability

  • All the leaves go down,
    Good insight from Rudy Limeback about planning a site hierarchy and database, breadcrumb trails, and when to take a break to brainstorm.
  • Location, Path & Attribute Breadcrumbs
    From a presentation given by Keith Instone. Informative information about the types of breadcrumbs, their purposes, user feedback, plenty of screenshot examples, more.
  • Macro-Typography: A Style Guide
    by Jean-Baptiste Piggin. Helpful, concise guide for information architecture and layout. In addition to content readability, this guide also includes footnotes, poetry, glossaries and plenty of examples. Well done, informative.
  • Usable Web Site Index *
    I often check this page at Usable Web to quickly and easily find usability articles. Speaking of usability, that page is a good example.
  • Usability: the Site Speaks For Itself
    [book cover for Usability: the Site Speaks For Itself, Glasshaus Publishers, May 2002]Excerpt at WDVL of the new book of the same title by Kelly Braun, Max Gadney, Matt Haughey, Adrian Roselli, Don Synstelien, Tom Walter, David Wertheimer, Molly E. Holzschlag, Bruce Lawson. This excerpt covers important points on designing for the user, testing, and soliciting feedback, using case studies on eBay, BBC News, The Economist, SynFonts,, and metafilter. Helpful information on usability and a glimpse at what the book is like.


  • Mac KeyCaps
    Very well done shareware dingbat font of all the Mac keyboard keys, designed and created by Highway 57’s Chris Sansom. Large, small and combined versions. Mac format only in PostScript Type 1 and TrueType. Maybe if they get enough requests (hint, hint!) they’ll provide a PC version, too!

Independent Web

Internet Radio, Music

  • RAIN: Radio and Internet Newsletter
    by Kurt Hanson, Publisher. Everything you want to know about Internet radio, music on the Web, the latest news, plus so much more. Subscribe to the newsletter, read the latest directly at the site. Amazing resource.

Netscape 4


  • *
    by Ron Woodall. This has been a main reference for countless users for quite some time. Includes HTML, CSS, MathML, server stuff, testing stuff, more. “We are trying to make the Compendium one of the most comprehensive works on HTML on the net.” And they’ve succeeded.

    Would you be willing to pay a subscription to use their site? Other ideas on how they can continue to manage financially? Let them know.
  • Webopedia *
    Helpful online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology.

Updates on My Weekly Haunts

A List Apart *

continues its double issue:

  • Simple Content Management
    by Christopher Ross-Gill. Learn how to build a simple content management system.
  • Win the Spam Arms Race
    by Dan Benjamin. Learn how to make a good effort at staying ahead of the SPAM robots and pick up Dan’s helpful script while you’re there.
Digital Web *

offers two new reviews this week:

WebReference *

Here are just a few of the highlights from this mainstay top site:

  • Production Graphics with Wendy Peck
    Quite a repository here of well done graphics tutorials by well-respected and top-notch author Wendy Peck. Whether newbie or advanced, you’ll pick up plenty of great tips and insight about design and layout for several graphics programs.
  • The Multi-Feed RSS Sidebar Tab
    By Dan Ragle. Not just for Netscape 6. Check this one out to provide your own tab to your visitors.
  • WML Links and Resources
    has been updated. Good resource to check out WebReference’s articles and elsewhere around the Web.

Unique Site of the Week

    Here’s something totally off-the-wall and unique. This site is all about airline food. They collect photos of airline food, currently with 148 photos for 53 airline companies. Submit yours today! There’s voting on the best photos for each week. Some of it actually looks good. Obviously I’m taking the wrong flights. is the creative work of Marco ’t Hart, a 31-year old graphic designer / web designer from Rotterdam, Holland.


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