Music and Web Design

What do music and web design have in common? I’ve noticed that many of us in the web design and development community are talented musicians, too. So I started an annotated listing as part of a new project of linking to independent musicians to help spread the word. I’m not making any promises, but that’s exactly how WebsiteTips.com got started long ago.

By the way, I welcome and invite submissions, too. The best for me is to submit them via the submission form at my music site so they’ll be email filtered properly, but I appreciate them any way I get them.

On a Similar Note

The talented and well respected writer Ron Scheer of Say What You Mean interviewed me about 2-1/2 years ago asking what web design and music have in common. He asked so many great questions, making it an especially fun interview. Although Brainstorms and Raves didn’t yet exist and sites have grown immensely since then, the creative aspects of design and music, my philosophy, and how I think about them is still true.

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