What?! No 24/7 Shopping?

Like many of us, I’ve become so accustomed to and even rely on being able to shop online whenever I wish, regardless of the day or time. I was surprised to find the following notice Saturday evening at

thumbnail screenshot of temporarily closed.

Well, perhaps they plan their downtime during their most off-peak times. After all, it was Saturday night. Everyone was still out on the town while I was back home watching Saturday Night Live.

In true style, though, they even offered to send visitors an e-mail as soon as they came back online. As of this post about 18 hours later, though, I haven’t yet received that e-mail notice, even though they came back online before Saturday Night Live was over. Woops. nearly always works without a glitch and is often used as a model of a top-notch e-commerce store. As customers, though, we generally expect sites like to be open and fully functional whenever we happen to sign on.

Within just a few years I’ve come to rely on the Internet as my main source for making travel arrangements and purchasing books, music, clothing, and now even groceries, all delivered right to my door.

My, how the world has changed. 1 

My kids can hardly believe it when I tell them that when I grew up stores closed at night and on Sundays. These days the stores are open every day and night (and some all night), and we can shop online whenever we wish.

I’ve tried to spare them too many repetitions of the story about how much an ice cream cone cost and how much I could buy for only $1 when I was a kid. They’re even more puzzled to hear their grandpa talk about getting a shave for two bits and a haircut for four bits in the 1930s.

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