Digital Web’s Latest on CSS: Product Reviews and an Interview

Continuing this month’s CSS theme at Digital Web, fascinating reading is to be had in the new interview of Eric Meyer by Meryl Evans. Topics include CSS standards, CSS positioning and flexibility, Eric’s Standards Evangelist work for Netscape, and even his weekly Radio show. In the process, Eric explains CSS1 and CSS2, his work with the W3C, his thoughts about using tables, CSS and accessibility, cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, and thoughts about future possibilities.

screenshot - VisiBone Web Color KiloChart

Jesse Nieminen has written two new reviews this week for Digital Web, writing favorably about the new VisiBone Web Color KiloChart and Adobe After Effects 5.5. Good info on both these products.

I also have VisiBone’s new Color KiloChart right next to my desk, where I refer to it every day. I recently raved about Visibone’s new Color KiloChart here, too.

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