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Upcoming Online Accessibility Class

The HWG/IWA is starting the next session of their popular Accessible Web Design online course July 15th. The course is being taught by Kynn and Liz Bartlett. Kynn, a longtime accessibility advocate, is also past president of the HWG and author of the upcoming new book, Sams Teach Yourself Cascading Style Sheets in 24 Hours.

Below is their announcement, and you can visit their site for further details and signing up.


The next session of the HWG/IWA online course in Accessible Web Design begins 15 July 2002. The seven-week course is taught via the web and tuition is $100, or $50 for HWG full members. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up now to reserve your place in the class.

HWG Course D201: Accessible Web Design

Start Date: 15 July 2002 (7 weeks)

The HWG’s web accessibility course features information on Section 508 requirements, access devices, the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and more! This introductory course will change the way you think about the Web, and ensure that as broad an audience as possible can use the sites you create, regardless of disability, browser type, or access method.

For more information, please see the D201 course information site.


The schedule of topics for this course is as follows:

  • Week 1: An Introduction to Web Accessibility
  • Week 2: Removing Accessibility Barriers
  • Week 3: Browsers and Assistive Technology
  • Week 4: Removing More Accessibility Barriers
  • Week 5: Nonstandard Access Devices
  • Week 6: Software for Accessible Design
  • Week 7: Setting A Web Accessibility Standard

Primary reading material is from Mike Paciello’s book WEB Accessibility for People with Disabilities, with additional selected reading from the web. The complete syllabus is available online.


Here’s what some past students of the course are saying about D201: Accessible Web Design:

“I have no problem praising HWG’s Accessible Web Design course. The course was thorough and enlightening. I commented on the class with a friend who had taken another accessible design course and he was impressed by the level of this course. Apparently the course that he had taken did not possess the depth of discussion on accessibility issues nor the practical implementation of techniques that this course did. Consequently, he bought Paciello’s book and is planning to enroll in a future session of this course.” --Clay Berglund

“Before I took this course, accessible web design was a confusing mishmash of federal guidelines and recommendations. Now I’m coding sites that meet guidelines...” --Gillian Murrey

“This course was a great enrichment to my knowledge about Web accessibility, because it forced me to put my hands on existing tools rather than just read about them or discuss them verbally.” --Gottfried E. Zimmermann

“Kynn and Liz provided resources and food for thought which, along with the inputs of my classmates, helped me formulate a draft policy for web accessibility at LCC and an 'attack plan' to make existing sites more accessible.” --Anita F. Lees

You can read more about what previous students thought by going to our Testimonials section.

Or sample the course for yourself—an entire week of lessons is available online, free of charge.


Enrollment is limited, so be sure to sign up now to ensure a place in the course. The cost of the course is $50 for Full members of the HTML Writers Guild, and $100 for Trial membership. Trial membership is free, and Full membership dues are $49 per year, or half that for students, educators, or members with disabilities.

To reserve your place in the class, go to our Enrollment section.

Questions regarding the course can be directed to Kynn Bartlett at <>, and you may also want to check the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

More:’s Accessibility section has lots of links to helpful information and tools to help with your site’s accessibility.

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