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Friday Feast #17: My Life with Elsewhere and the Business of Web Design

I want to thank everyone publicly for all the kind inquiry notes about the unexpected, unplanned time off from Brainstorms and Raves. It warms my heart to be missed, and I appreciate all the kind notes so much.

Elsewhere Who?

No one has been in the hospital, and my family and I are all OK, but my old friend Elsewhere[1] unexpectedly needed extensive time with me. Elsewhere still needs more of my time than usual right now, but we’ve agreed to figure out a way to strike a balance, too.

Elsewhere has also been talking about a vacation soon and negotiating terms about whether or not my laptop can go. Having a separate vacation blog would be fun, but Elsewhere is not easily convinced. I’ll let you know how the negotiations go.

Elsewhere also has some fascinating and fun adventures going on amidst taking care of Necessary Drudgery[2], so with Elsewhere’s permission, I’ll share some of those adventures in the days ahead. There’s a new community resource site, for example, that I’m building for people with brain injuries and their families and friends. Did you know that someone suffers a brain injury every 15 seconds in the U.S. alone[3]? Scary.

The Business of Web Design

Prior to Elsewhere needing so much of my time recently I had planned to cover the business of web design here for the next Friday Feast. Onward...

Last month added a new main category of helpful website links all about the business side of web design, Planning, Running a Web Design Business. Sections cover practical issues of running a small business in general and also specifically about running a web design business.

At’s Planning, Running a Web Design Business you’ll find topics from getting started to retiring and lots in between. The 'lots in between' includes links to working with clients, how to price your work, accounting software, IRS forms, small business tax information, various legal aspects of a small business, copyright and trademarks, and more. And what is more essential than your office and office surroundings? There’s also a section on workspace ideas and ergonomic designs and furniture.

I hope you find’s new category a helpful resource for the business side of running a web design business and running your own business in general, too. They include many of the resources I’ve used and learned from in running SKDesigns. Having so much information so readily available to us via the Internet is an invaluable tool, and I’ll continue to mention helpful sites here in the days ahead, too, of course.


Friday Feast archives

1 Elsewhere is the life I have away from my computer.

2 Necessary Drudgery is lots of stuff that Elsewhere and I have been doing that’s necessary but not much fun.

3 Ward, Lisa. “Press Release: Harris Poll Shows Public Awareness of Brain Injury Is Very Low Given Nationwide Incidence.” October 3, 2000. Brain Injury Association of America. Accessed 29 July, 2002. <>

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