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I recently read these tantalizing words at that would end up changing my world as I’d previously known it:

Could you use A LITTLE HELP staying on top of your chores, errands, and “to-do's”?

So why do you have to do them all yourself? You now have access to a myriad of TIME-SAVING SERVICES that will reduce your “to-do” list and leave some room in your schedule for enjoying life. Just click on the buttons below to find out how you can clear up those endless chores without sacrificing all of your free time.[1]

OK, that was an easy sell.

Running a web design business or any business, for that matter, can mean you need to hire people to handle certain things for you, whether it’s a bookkeeper, a housecleaner, or other services.

I’ve also never pretended to be June Cleaver.[2] So I clicked on Meal Delivery and Personal Chef Services.

Personal Chef Services

Initially assuming something so decadent as having a personal chef service was reserved for people like Oprah, Donald Trump, or Bill Gates, I was pleasantly surprised to find the cost[3] to be reasonable enough for me to give it serious consideration.

What exactly does a personal chef do?

The personal chef will cook meals at your place or his/hers/theirs and then put them in meal-size containers, some to eat within the next few days and the rest to freeze and cook whenever you wish. Many personal chefs are also available for catering special events, special dinners, and offer gift certificates.

There’s a wide range of meal packages and menus, so shop around (see below on finding a good personal chef). Personal chefs may specialize in certain foods, and many will prepare food for special diets, fancy gourmet meals, your own favorite recipes, or a wide range of other foods to fit your needs.

How do you find a good personal chef service?

There are several sites that connect personal chefs with people looking for their services. Here are a couple:

When considering services in your area, look for personal chef certification via the United States Personal Chef Association or the American Personal Chef Association. Certification requires meeting specific requirements and adhering to their code of ethics, so that’s a good place to start.

I found a fantastic personal chef in my area through the Hire a Chef website. Just as I’d read, she prepared fabulous and healthy dinners in meal-size containers that can go from the freezer/refrigerator to oven or microwave. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying having such delicious meals ready to heat up after busy workdays especially, and I fully intend to hire her services again.

Time-Saving Services

Services that can save you time also allow you to concentrate on what you do best with your web design business. In addition to hiring a personal chef, a few other helpful services are housecleaning, bookkeeping, and someone to run errands for you. There are people available for a wide range of services to save you time.

Besides handling so much shopping online, a few other online conveniences are ordering groceries online to be delivered, having your dinner delivered from a local restaurant, paying bills online, banking online, and ordering postage stamps and downloading online address update forms, too.

1Time-Saving Business and Personal Services,

2I do enjoy cooking, but having a break here and there is a terrific treat, especially after a long day or a busy week.

3While prices can vary, in my area the cost per meal ends up being around what I’d pay for a nice lunch out—at a restaurant with tablecloths, not at a drive-through, of course.

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