Friday Feast #20: Chemistry, AOL, Netscape, Standards, and Mac OS X

Keeping with the tradition I started with Friday Feasts, today’s is no exception and is truly a mixed pot of links.

Chemistry in chemistry class?

Even though my school chemistry days are long over, I found the WebElements site to be so fun, interesting, and well done. Click on an element to go to a page all about that particular element. My long-ago chemistry teacher would be shocked to know that I still remember some of the elements, especially since I was far more interested in the cute guy at the next desk, as I recall. I found out years later after I was married that he wanted to ask me out but was too shy. Darn. Maybe could help. Now if I could only remember his last name...

  • WebElements
    The first ever periodic table on the WWW. Created by Mark Winter, Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, England.
  • Classmates
    Find old classmates and reconnect with old friends. Fun site.

AOL, Netscape, and Mac OS X

You probably know by now that AOL for Mac OS X is now shipping with Netscape Gecko and is based on Mozilla 1.0.1. Netscape has several sources of information to make sure your site works fine:

Speaking of Standards

Netscape has also redesigned their DevEdge site, too. A few highlights:

  • The Library section now has the manuals (detailed documentation for JavaScript, DOM support, XML, XSLT and XPInstall) and cross-references (DHTML, HTML, CSS).
  • DevEdge Tech Central is the central location for CSS, DOM, DHTML, HTML, Gecko, Plug-ins, JavaScript, and Security.
  • DevEdge Toolbox has examples, tools, and references to help web developers.

Their article, The New DevEdge, has more details and provides links to all the sections.

A Few Goodies at Netscape’s Site

In addition to that, I’ve listed just a few of the helpful articles, tutorials, and tips you’ll find at Netscape’s redesigned DevEdge site.

  • Defining Cross-Browser Tooltips
    Cross-browser solution for dealing with the alt attribute and the title attribute. Very helpful information. By CSS guru Eric Meyer, August 16, 2002.
  • Styling Abbreviations and Acronyms
    Maybe you’ve noticed a few sites around starting to use the abbrevation and acronym HTML elements recommended in the WAI Guidelines. This tutorial helps explain them and how to use them. By CSS guru Eric Meyer, March 5, 2002.
  • Understanding Underlines
    Helpful tutorial about best practice approaches to underlining with CSS. By CSS guru Eric Meyer, March 5, 2002.

And at the related


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