W3C: More Working Drafts, HTML Group Rechartered*

The W3C has published more working drafts that are well worth a look. They also encourage and invite feedback, so check out the links below, where you’ll find the working drafts and information on how to provide feedback and join in on their discussions.

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Working Draft
    This August 22 working draft is a work-in-progress and it’s a great time to read this and provide input. They also provide publicly available archives from discussions.
  • XForms 1.0 Working Draft
    Promising to be more flexible than previous HTML and XHTML form technologies, XForms separate content from presentation, allowing for greater device independence and reduced need for scripting. XHTML forms are split into 3 parts—purpose, presentation, and data. Comments are welcome through September 4th.

The HTML Working Group has been rechartered, seeking to complete the transition from HTML to XHTML and fulfill the promise of XML for applying XHTML to a wide range of platforms. Reading their charter also provides helpful insight into their work toward combining with SVG, math, voice browsing, forms, and more. In other words, the charter provides good insight and an overview about where they’ve been and where they’re going. I personally like to take note of the big picture as it puts the daily details into perspective.

*I’d posted this Tuesday but Blogger had a hiccup and lost it, so I’ve reposted here. So I’m combining Thursday’s original post about keeping it simple with the next day’s Friday Feast.

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