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Friday Feast #23 Coming November 1

In the meantime, there are lots of archives, links to terrific weblogs, and some fun diversions, too.... (20 words, 4 links)

02:22 pm, pdt13 September, 2002

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The First Anniversary

Image courtesy Alan Cohen.... (6 words, 2 links, 1 image)

09:53 pm, pdt11 September, 2002





This Day a Year Ago

September 10th a year ago none of us had a clue about what the very next morning would bring and how it would change our lives forever. I’ve reflected so much all year long, and I can’t believe it’s been an entire year now since the day that is permanently etched in our minds, our lives, and our hearts forever. Many of us online joined together to share information, to help, to do whatever we could for those in New York, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania and all the families, loved ones, friends and others. That’s when what is now the... (303 words, 6 links, 1 image)

06:48 pm, pdt10 September, 2002

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Friday Feast #22: Practicing What We Preach About Standards, Accessibility, and Starting Backwards

Some expect W3C members to follow their own Recommendations, whether their sites are personal or business. Not surprisingly then, people are writing about W3C member sites not validating and Bobby-failing accessibility related sites. Is it fair to expect W3C members to create sites that follow W3C Recommendations? Is it fair to expect those advocating accessibility to create accessible sites? Sure. [1] The big question to answer for me, though, is to explore why they aren’t. Maybe by examining those reasons we can address stumbling blocks that impact other companies, clients, and the rest of us. So what are possible reasons... (1264 words, 28 links)

07:41 pm, pdt 6 September, 2002





More on Lists

Details, details. It’s all in the details, including how you handle lists in your markup. Here are a few tutorials and tips: Definitions: Implications on HTML authoring Interesting information about handling definitions with HTML, including the seldom used dfn attribute. By Jukka Korpela. Definition Lists WDG’s short tutorial on the use of definition lists. By Liam Quinn. Lists and indentation Eric Meyer explains cross-browser issues with lists and how to use CSS to achieve your goals for lists. Using real lists (or faking them properly) Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Accessibility site discusses the accessibility issues around appropriate markup for... (101 words, 6 links)

12:32 pm, pdt 4 September, 2002





Layout Approach: CSS, Tables, A Combination—What To Do?

I’ve had email about my last Friday Feast regarding a forward-thinking approach and how to decide whether to use a CSS- or tables-based layout or maybe a combination approach. I don’t think there’s a blanket “right” answer, as an approach for each project must be determined by the needs, target market, and possibly other factors. For example, if you’re building an Intranet for a client’s office that is stuck with version 4 browsers until January 1, 2004 you’ll most likely take a different approach than you would if they’re using version 6 or 7 browsers that support far more CSS, of... (392 words, 4 links)

11:05 am, pdt 2 September, 2002

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