This Day a Year Ago

September 10th a year ago none of us had a clue about what the very next morning would bring and how it would change our lives forever. I’ve reflected so much all year long, and I can’t believe it’s been an entire year now since the day that is permanently etched in our minds, our lives, and our hearts forever.

Many of us online joined together to share information, to help, to do whatever we could for those in New York, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania and all the families, loved ones, friends and others. That’s when what is now the Attack on America section began here. I was just one of countless others who wanted to help, even from a geographical distance.

The ability to share and relay up-to-the-second information showed journalists and others just a small part of what the Internet and this incredible technology does effortlessly on a daily basis. More importantly, the Internet became another source of outpouring for the compassion, caring, and love that’s everywhere. No amount of terrorism or violence will ever defeat that.

The original Attack on America help information page is still available, last updated September 15th, 2001. I had created that page to provide a faster reference, pulling together all the links from the posts I’d created between September 11th and 15th. After that, though, the section grew quickly. Thankfully, my ISP handled the incredible volume of traffic without a blink.

We’re interconnected, and the Internet is one of the many ways we show that.

As I type this tonight, my heart is torn to shreds as if a year hadn’t passed at all. We must continue to reach out, just as we did a year ago.

My thoughts and my prayers are with everyone.

The morning after from the Empire State Building’s webcam:


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