Big Commercial Sites Going for Standards

Exciting indeed. A couple of weeks ago Wired News came out with their new standards-based design that even uses CSS for layout. (The only table on the main page is for tabular data, the Market Watch information.) EZBoard now has their new design using XHTML transitional and CSS. Nice-looking, too.

Last month Microsoft unveiled their new site design, too, still packed with font tags, accessibility problems, and more. Microsoft is also a W3C member, and you’d think they’d require a standards-based approach for their own site. WaSP’s Buzz points to interesting standards-based remakes. It CAN be done.

Speaking of standards-based, table-free designs, if you haven’t already checked out Zeldman’s new site design, it’s an eye-stopper. As always, he’s an inspiration to me. He’s done a beautiful job with the design and markup, which happens to be standards-based, of course, this time using an all CSS layout. While there, meander through the last couple of weeks as he talks about the new design and tweaks he made amidst his jury duty. Plenty of insight and fascinating information through his site, as always. His current new background color is one of my longtime favorite colors... how did he know?! He still sneaks in his signature orange shades a bit, too, naturally, which is a great accent.

And saves the day with posting the former Web Nouveau’s listing of CSS Tableless Web Sites. Those links are a goldmine for brainstorming and inspiration, in addition to so many fascinating sites.

Geesh, with all these folks going for table-free design, I suspect you’ll see a remake of Brainstorms and Raves before long. The current design and development is a transitional approach from when I created the site. It still validates (unless I make a typo here and there) as HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0 transitional and CSS 2 and has served its purpose well enough. It’s time to stretch those wings a bit further, though. So stay tuned during the coming months as this site updates its markup and possibly its design, too. I’ll be sharing my thoughts about it all, of course.

[hat tip: MACCAWS discussion list for the EZBoard info!]

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