Macromedia’s New Contribute and Mac Engineer Job Posting

Articles have been popping up about Macromedia’s new Contribute, a smaller program at a smaller priced based on Dreamweaver MX, designed to allow people to update and maintain website content without knowing HTML. Jeffrey Zeldman has provided great information about its capabilities, such as version control and the ability for designers and developers to specify which pages, templates, or parts of pages are available to edit and which are off-limits.

As usual, you can download a trial copy at Macromedia’s site and check out further details at their site, including the Evaluation Resource Center.

Just as Macromedia was preparing to announce its new Contribute to be available in December, November 7th they also posted a contract job for an experienced Mac engineer to create the Mac version of Contribute. The job requires a “motivated self-starter who likes working on very productive, fast-paced teams.” In an interview with MacCentral, Product Manager Erik Larson stated that the Mac version is under development. Other articles state that the Mac version is planned to launch during 2003, so depending on how you look at the glass here, that’s either just under 2 months away, or the new contract position Mac engineer has about a year to develop the Mac version.

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