Friday Feast #28: Linux News, Info, and Weblogs

As I’m preparing to embark on finally installing Linux on a new second hard drive I’ve been noticing more and more information and news about Linux. Thought I’d share a few.

About Linux, Linux Tips

My first adventure was to learn a little about Linux. There is no shortage of sites about Linux, but weeding through them can be time-consuming, too. Here are a few that I’m finding helpful. is the official site for Linux. You’ll find articles, documentation, books, distributions and information about versions, news, courses, and much more. This site should be on anyone’s list for Linux information. is to help those of us new to Linux but is also for all levels of Linux users. You’ll find plenty of articles and tips along with headline news links. Good site worth bookmarking, and part of the series of sites.

Lockergnome’s Penguin Shell is an ongoing column packed with tips for Linux users. Helpful tips, links to applications, and more. is devoted to Linux in education, science, advocacy documents, and more. I first found this site through their Linux in Education section, which includes a discussion list, reports packed with information and links, and much more. SEUL’s end goal is to provide a suite of high-quality Linux applications. Informative, helpful, energetic site geared toward professionals needing real-world practical solutions using Linux.

Running Linux, 4th edition, by Matt Welsh and crew O'Reilly Linux Center is another must-stop for Linux articles, tips, books, resources, and more. They also have a new book on Linux by Matt Welsh and crew, Running Linux, 4th Edition. You can preview chapter 7 at O'Reilly’s site, and is accepting pre-orders, too.

Which Flavor of Linux?

If you’ve looked around at Linux sites much you’ll quickly find out that there are quite a few distributions available. Some are better suited for advanced computer users while others are better for newbies. Some are better for network administrators, and some are better for personal use. Which ones are best? Which ones fit your needs? How much do they cost, and which ones are free? And ultimately, which one(s) should you choose and why?

While I definitely recommend asking your friends and colleagues which Linux they use and why, getting familiar with Linux distributions in general can be helpful when you decide which distribution to choose. Typing in 'Which Linux distribution to choose?' at Google’s Linux page brings 46,000+ responses but scanning through the first couple of pages will yield plenty of helpful resources with reviews, rankings, descriptions, and more.

Among good places to start is an informational 3-part overview article by’s Focus on Linux Guide, David Yost, Choosing a Linux Distribution. Yost also provides a handy chart comparing the top 10 Linux distributions. His Linux Distributions article provides annotated links to their top picks. There’s also a glossary of Linux terms and plenty of helpful tips and articles to get you started with learning about Linux.

Linux Journal’s How to Choose a Linux Distribution provides helpful tips with important points to ask and consider with choosing a distribution.

The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide’s Choosing a Linux Distribution briefly explains what makes up a distribution, typical differences between them, and it provides a quick comparison chart of 5 of the more popular distributions with user level and a few good and bad points for each. The website also has 10 chapters all about Linux in easy-to-understand language, tips with Linux commands, links, and more. As of June 2002 the site owner can’t continue to maintain the site, but for now it remains a helpful source for learning about Linux. is another must-stop site for information about Linux distributions.’s goal is to provide a basic up-to-date feature lists and comparison chart for major distributions as well as minor and regional distributions. They accomplish that and a whole lot more.

Here’s a list of just a few of the popular distributions:

Linux Software

If your head isn’t already swimming from Linux distributions, check out some of the software available for Linux. Three popular sites devoted to Linux and Linux software are, IceWalkers, and LinuxApps. You’ll find the latest news on Linux and Linux software, articles, tips, reviews, resources, and more.

Linux and Laptops

I also discovered helpful sites devoted to Linux and laptops. Here are a couple that stood out.

Werner Heuser’s MobiliX is devoted to mobile computing with Linux and UNIX. The Linux-Mobile-Guide is an especially helpful guide to how to use Linux with laptops, how to choose a laptop, compatibility issues, partitioning, Linux and PDAs, cell phones, digital cameras, pagers, and more. Heuser also covers hardware and accessories, being on the road, a variety of solutions and tools, and more. You can purchase the book (print version) with even more information than the site, too. Amazing.

Linux on Laptops is an index of information and documentation for using Linux with laptops. The site covers dozens of makes and models with links to helpful information about installation, documentation, and more. The site also has general information about Linux with resources for further information.

Linux News

There are quite a few sites devoted to the latest news related to Linux and the Open Source community. Some of them list links to the latest, some provide summaries and links, some write articles and opinion in addition to providing the latest news links. Here are some that I found helpful. is a site devoted to the latest news and information about Linux. They provide comprehensive coverage of developmental, legal, commercial, and security issues related to Linux. Subscribers get the latest information immediately, and non-subscribers get the news at their site delayed by about a week. Their subscription fees are minimal and seem well worth it for what this site offers.

Linux Today provides summaries and links for the latest news and articles around the Web related to Linux and the open source community. The site also links to other Linux-related sites. Another informative site worth bookmarking, and part of the series of sites.

Linux News from around the Net at is a listing of the latest news and articles from,, and Helpful source for scanning the latest headlines and articles. is a listing of annotated links to news and articles related to Linux and web development.

Linux Weblogs

I can’t possibly write about Linux information without tossing in a weblog or two about Linux!

Doc Searls' Linux Journal Weblog
Good reading, as always from Doc Searls, this time devoted to Linux topics. By the way, the layout was so clean that I had to look under the hood—Movable Type, XHTML transitional, and an all CSS layout. Nice touch.


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