Practical Web Database Design

Practical Web Database Design, by Chris Auld, Allan Kent, Rudy Limeback, Nigel Stanger, Thearon Willis The above title is actually the name of the new book published by glasshaus, Practical Web Database Design. They’re lucky to have database guru Rudy Limeback as one of the 5 top-notch authors. Rudy has been a major force at and is also quite active with their discussion lists there, especially answering database-related questions and tossing in his silly humor all the time. He’s also part of the team at Digital Web.

Written by highly experienced database designers Chris Auld, Allan Kent, Rudy Limeback, Nigel Stanger, and Thearon Willis, this new database design book will introduce people to the world of designing and building databases for websites. It will also help experienced database designers to create even better database-driven websites.

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