Friday Feast #34: Books, XHTML, DVD, Graphics, Small Biz, Music

Today’s Friday Feast goes all over the place, much like my week went.

New Books

Web Site Optimization by Andrew B. KingAndy King’s new book is out, Web Site Optimization, all about optimizing the size and complexity of Web sites. It’s already getting rave reviews. The companion site provides lots of helpful tips and information about the book.

Search Engine Visibility, by Shari ThurowSearch Engine Visibility is a new book out by SEO expert Shari Thurow. Thurow emphasizes the importance of design and content for the visitors while providing tips for high rankings with search engines and directories. The companion site provides helpful tips and resources, too.

More on XHTML 2.0

Sjoerd Visscher has decided to use XHTML 2.0 right now, and he explains how and why.

See last week’s Friday Feast for more links and discussions about W3C’s XHTML 2.0 working draft.

Frames, Patents, and Absurdity

Well, the title sums up my thoughts on the recent MuseumTour, frames, and SBC patent matter. Angie McKaig provides the top ten reasons for not using frames.

DVD Formats

Recording via DVD format is becoming an increasingly easier solution. What format to consider in making equipment choices can be confusing, though. DVD+R/+RW FAQ: DVD+R/+RW Format is a FAQ with helpful insight about recording via DVD. By

Email List Management Programs

Thinking about running an email list or have clients who need some advice about that? Roundup: Email List Management Services is a helpful new article at New Architect, formerly WebTechniques, covering the five top hosted list management services. Written by Mana Tominaga.

Fonts is an Independent font foundry with plenty of great-looking fonts to be had along with type utilities, articles, reviews, interviews, essays, and a discussion forum.

Positype is a new digital type foundry featuring the works of Neil Summerour. Penumbra especially caught my eye.

Fontmonster has free downloadable fonts for Macs and PC, a forum, news, and more.

Graphics Tutorials

Digital Media Designer’s Tutorials section has helpful, top-notch tutorials for Photoshop, PhotoImpact, GoLive, Studio Artist, ImageReady, After Effects, Illustrator, GIMP, and others.

Images and Sound

ImageState has royalty-free and rights protected images and sound. This extensive site is easy to navigate and covers an incredible amount of subjects and possibilities for images. Their sound collection is also growing and helpful.

See’s Graphics Resources section for more image resources around the Web.

Small Business

Business Protection is an informative, helpful section at the Institute of Business and Home Safety, providing articles about ways you can protect your small business against potential problems and natural disasters.

See’s Web Design Business section for more small business resources.


Usability Professionals Association is for usability professionals to network, share ideas, promote usability in tools, technology, and organizations. Their Resources section has quite a few helpful resources of interest to web designers and developers, too.


So many fabulous weblogs that lead to even more...

  • Tech Law Advisor by attorney Kevin Heller, is a weblog covering copyright, trademark, parody, fair use, and technology legal issues. Well done, informative, interesting.
  • - Sjoerd Visscher’s weblog are Sjoerd Visscher’s thoughts about the future of Web technology, including XML, XHTML 2, more. Fascinating reading throughout his site, with examples, articles, links.
  • Jon’s Radio by Jon Udell. Programming, technology, plenty of interesting links and ideas.

Music to Work By

James Taylor - October Road cover

I confess that after all these years I’m still absolutely crazy about James Taylor. I’ve followed and loved his music since his first album over 30 years ago. His smooth, resonant voice shines, whether on his albums, live in concert, or on his videos/DVDs.

JT’s new CD, October Road, has been a major hit all over the world, not just with me. I find this newest music to be reminiscent of his earlier years that I love the best while blending his expanded musicianship with more instrumentation and greater variety of rhythms and musical influences. One minute I’ll hear some Jazz influence, and another I’ll hear folk rhythm and blues and yet another I’ll hear rock and roll. It all works.

I agree wholeheartedly with the comment at his official site:

“Part of the brilliance of James' work lies in the mere simplicity, familiarity and ease it communicates amidst its erudite musicality and lyrical splendor. His songs mirror our own life and times, offering a consistency that has never let us down, through his and our own trials and tribulations.”

I can’t hear enough of his new CD, and if it’s possible to wear out a CD like the old days when I wore out my favorite cassette tapes, I just may wear out this one.


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