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Segway Human Transporter You may have read and heard about Dean Kamen’s latest invention, the Segway Human Transporter (HT), available this March after loads of media coverage for the past year or so. And if you visit, you’ve probably seen that it’s already available for pre-purchase.

The New York Times Circuits section has a fun and interesting story about Frank Tropea’s adventures with his new Segway in and around Manhattan. Within hours of reading that story, I happened to receive an e-mail from him letting me know about that article (which I’d just read!) and his “news/discussion/blog site called SegwayChat.” That kind of synchronicity was impossible to ignore, of course, so I immediately checked out the SegwayChat site. I discovered the rapidly growing community of Segway owners and enthusiasists, including a link to the Segway Users Group. SegwayChat has the latest news, a live news feed, a blog, a Segway FAQ, a Forum, and links to resources. SegwayChat also has information about Segway HT Sidewalk Legislation and people’s concerns about the Segway on sidewalks, rider safety, and related.

I’ll enjoy watching how all of this evolves—the Segway, the SegwayChat blog, and the sidewalk access.

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