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Daily Posts and Friday Feasts Back Soon

Stay tuned. I’ll be back sometime in April with lots of stories to share, links, and some new photos.... (21 words, 2 links, 1 image)

12:21 pm, pst28 February, 2003





Friday Feast #37: Wireless Networking and Wardrivers

Last year I networked my office computers with wired/wireless capability. I used a wired/wireless approach in part to live my dream of using my laptop to work outside on my patio instead of being locked to my office desk inside. Until the other day’s local news report on wardrivers I hadn’t paid much attention to wireless networking vulnerabilities. After all, my network is secure with a router, firewall, and password-only access, right? Well, after that report I took a second look at all my settings and read more about wireless networking security just to be sure. While I was... (740 words, 22 links)

12:45 pm, pst21 February, 2003





Paint Shop Pro’s Latest

After private beta testing for its next version, Jasc has released a Paint Shop Pro 8 Public Beta. The public is invited to download the free beta version, give it a test run, and send them your feedback via their Newsgroup/discussion forum. Jasc’s Paint Shop Pro photo and graphics editor has been a longtime popular tool used by countless loyal users. It’s far from being just a lower-cost alternative to Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard. Version 8 also has a new interface and many new features. The public beta is a perfect opportunity to give it a test whirl. [hat... (109 words, 6 links)

04:31 pm, pst20 February, 2003




2003 article about Web Standards Project

Browser gadflies turn over a new leaf is a new article about WaSP’s direction toward educating developers about using standards.... (21 words, 3 links)

12:29 pm, pst19 February, 2003

Categories: Browsers, Standards





Saturday/Sunday Sounds #1: Childhood Dreams and Finding Your Way Back

When I was in junior high many of us had big dreams and high hopes of what we wanted to be when we grew up. Craig often had his guitar with him, and while I was amazed watching his prodigy-level skills at that age, most of all I loved listening to the heartfelt feeling behind his growing technical dazzle. I wasn’t surprised when Craig told me that he’d be a famous rock star someday. Between his amazing talent, passion for music, good looks, and sparkling personality, I knew he could make those dreams come true. Craig moved away to... (1043 words, 34 links, 3 images)

07:09 pm, pst16 February, 2003

Categories: Music, Personal, Reviews





Friday Feast #36: Semantic Web, Opera’s Bork, CSS, XHTML, Do Not Call Lists

This week’s mix of topics reminds me why I started calling these Friday Feasts—another round of topics covering the map. And stay tuned here Sunday for the beginning of a new weekend topic, Saturday/Sunday Sounds. Ideagraph After reading about mind mapping and the Semantic web in a recent Friday Feast, the creator of Ideagraph let me know of this amazing tool. Ideagraph is a personal knowledge manager that goes beyond what other mindmapping tools will do and incorporates more Semantic web possibilities with mapping ideas, creating web pages, documents, images, and more. It’s even possible to use... (602 words, 29 links)

05:06 pm, pst14 February, 2003






Unfortunately photoblogs weren’t included in the categories for this year’s Bloggies. The good news is that as a result the PhotoBloggies was born, thanks to PhotoJunkie’s Rannie Turingan, with a push from Marc North. PhotoBloggies nominations run until January 26th. There’s a growing community of photo-related weblogs, and you can check some of them out via the PhotoBloggies site. The Bloggies nominations are over now with the winners being announced March 9th. You can check out the finalists at the Bloggies site where you’ll find lots of great ones listed. Tough choices to pick winners! So what will happen next... (197 words, 9 links, 1 image)

11:04 am, pst11 February, 2003

Categories: Photography, Weblogs




XML Turns 5

I’m amazed that XML is already 5 years old, as of yesterday. To celebrate, there’s a new article at W3C by Dave Hollander and C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, Happy Birthday, XML!, that tells about where XML has been, how it’s evolved to where it is today, and asks questions about where it needs to go from here.... (58 words, 3 links)

10:32 am, pst11 February, 2003

Categories: Standards





Usability News Has News

The February 2003 issue of Usability News is now available online. As usual, it’s packed with valuable, insightful information for the rest of us. Here’s just a sampling regarding web design: The Impact of Paging vs. Scrolling on Reading Online Text Passages Breadcrumb Navigation: An Exploratory Study of Usage Cascading versus Indexed Menu Design Examining Web Design Conventions Across Site Types Aesthetics and Usability: A Look at Color and Balance Examining Tolerance for Online Delays There are more articles in this new issue, and their archives are a gold mine. You can also print out the entire issue via... (105 words, 10 links)

02:41 pm, pst10 February, 2003





Friday Feast

There haven’t been any posts all week, and there’s no Friday Feast today due to a nasty virus—the flu, cold kind, not the computer kind. Back next week!... (31 words, 1 link)

02:03 pm, pst 7 February, 2003

Categories: Friday Feast, Personal

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