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Unfortunately photoblogs weren’t included in the categories for this year’s Bloggies. The good news is that as a result the PhotoBloggies was born, thanks to PhotoJunkie’s Rannie Turingan, with a push from Marc North. PhotoBloggies nominations run until January 26th. There’s a growing community of photo-related weblogs, and you can check some of them out via the PhotoBloggies site.

The Bloggies nominations are over now with the winners being announced March 9th. You can check out the finalists at the Bloggies site where you’ll find lots of great ones listed. Tough choices to pick winners!

So what will happen next year? Will photoblogs be included in the Bloggies? Will PhotoBloggies return next year? Ah, the suspense. Either way, though, I’m thrilled to see an increasing number of photoblogs out there.

I’ve gotten far too carried away checking out photos and links at the community photoblog Photographica where I keep finding such stunning photos by incredibly gifted photography buffs. So be forewarned that you may have far too much fun checking out all the fabulous photos! That site and other photoblogs also pushed me over the edge to finally get a digital camera last December.

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