Friday Feast #36: Semantic Web, Opera’s Bork, CSS, XHTML, Do Not Call Lists

This week’s mix of topics reminds me why I started calling these Friday Feasts—another round of topics covering the map. And stay tuned here Sunday for the beginning of a new weekend topic, Saturday/Sunday Sounds.


After reading about mind mapping and the Semantic web in a recent Friday Feast, the creator of Ideagraph let me know of this amazing tool. Ideagraph is a personal knowledge manager that goes beyond what other mindmapping tools will do and incorporates more Semantic web possibilities with mapping ideas, creating web pages, documents, images, and more. It’s even possible to use Ideagraph as a blogging tool, reading RSS feeds, and much more. Ideagraph is still under development but the full release is expected sometime this spring. Fascinating.

In addition to developing Ideagraph, Danny Ayers writes the Semantic Weblog and his personal blog, Raw Blog. He’s also an author: SVG Unleashed and XML Application Development with MSXML 4.0. Hopefully somewhere in there he sleeps, too.

Opera Borks MSN Portal

Since Microsoft’s MSN Portal apparently intentionally provided a broken version of their pages to Opera users, Friday Opera in turn released a “Bork” edition MSN Portal page. Pretty funny. [hat tip: JD on MX.]

New CSS List

CSS Foundations is a new discussion list, especially geared toward those newer to CSS to ask questions and help others. The list is run by John and Maxine of Westciv.

Dave Barry’s Blog

I was thrilled to see that Dave Barry has a blog with short but humorous entries and fun links, including where to buy fashionable duct tape for your homeland security.

Color Blender

Eric Meyer’s new Color Blender. Input 2 hexadecimal color values, the number of midpoints you’d like to see, and get the results. Handy, terrific tool! [hat tip: Zeldman’s Daily Report.]

Accessibility, XHTML Points at

Jennifer Kyrnin has a good overview highlighting the important points for accessible websites in her article, Accessible HTML, Allowing Other Viewpoints. Jennifer is’s Guide to HTML/XML, so you’ll find plenty more in her section, too. Along the way, also check out her XHTML section, where you’ll find information, articles, and resources all about XHTML.

Do Not Call Lists

Many of us are either bombarded or at least a little bugged by telemarketers on a regular basis. The DMA’s Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is only helpful if the telemarketing company happens to belong to the DMA. The good news, though, is that nationwide Do Not Call lists are in the works, and your state may be doing something locally already to keep them from bugging you, at least for 3 years at a time. California’s Do Not Call List will be in force soon, for example.

I’ve seen that it’s not enough to have an unlisted phone number with Caller ID, call blocking, and whatever else, and a business phone is even more wide open to telemarketers. And I haven’t even mentioned all the junk faxes. I hope these new lists and potential fines actually help. No wonder Telezapper has such a high sales volume.

CAUCE is a Cause Against Junk Email

Speaking of unsolicited marketing, CAUCE, The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email, is the place to stop to learn more about what you can do about all the unsolicited junk e-mail.

Then I was reading John Dowdell’s always terrific weblog and found a link to Web Bugs in Email Messages. If you haven’t visited the Privacy Foundation site for awhile, it’s well worth another look. [JD on MX]


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