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Friday Feast #38: CSS, Standards, and Taking a Break in Switzerland

There’s plenty around the Web right now related to standards and CSS, along with some amazingly gorgeous scenery of Swtizerland. Here are just a few of the recent highlights.


Web Standards

Taking a Break in Switzerland

Marc Howells actually gets to live and work where I’ve only had the privilege to vacation in past years. Among other things Mark designs and develops websites, provides helpful HTML and CSS info, runs around in his new Mini Cooper, and he also takes eye-stopping, poster-worthy photos of some of his adventures.

I spend quite a bit of time meandering through Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe via Mark’s photos of this beautiful part of the world. It’s a terrific way to relax, take a stress break, and take in some gorgeous scenery. You can even purchase some of his prints of Europe, Mini Coopers, and more.

More in the Archives:

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