Friday Feast #39: CSS, CMS, and Ansel Adams

Great news for CSS fans arrived in my Inbox this morning from Eric Meyer. I’m cutting today’s Feast short to get it posted right away.

CSS Support Charts are Back!

Eric Meyer’s popular CSS charts disappeared when Web Review’s server got shut off. But they’re back now via Netscape’s DevEdge, listed with helpful information at CSS Support Charts.

CSS Support Charts is the new main page with helpful information about the charts and important references. Listed below are links to the charts:

Netscape DevEdge’s CSS Central is also a helpful area for CSS articles, tips, and resources.

Content Management, Weblog Software

A couple of newer possibilities to check out:

  • Dean Allen’s long-awaited TextPattern content management system is available for beta testing.
  • SimplyBlog Software by Vikas Kamat is free weblog software for non-profit, personal use.

Photo Breaks: Ansel Adams

When I was a kid I counted the days until we could take our annual two-week camping trip to Yosemite National Park. For my brother and sister and me this was about as close to heaven as it came. We could climb rocks, swim in the river, get as dirty as we wanted, cook marshmallows on the campfire, and sleep under the stars. We were surrounded by breathtaking beauty in Yosemite Valley with its spectacular waterfalls flowing from the high glacier-carved cliffs, magnificent giant redwoods, and wonderfully fresh air. We always seemed to see lots of shooting stars at Yosemite, too, and we kept count.

It was also in those carefree days that I first discovered Ansel Adams. Through Adams' photos of Yosemite I quickly grew to understand and appreciate his incredible skill for capturing Yosemite’s majestic beauty in black and white photos. Even at a young age I connected with what he was doing, especially since I loved Yosemite just as he did. The Ansel Adams Special Edition Photographs collection features thirty of his stunning Yosemite photographs. They capture my heart just as much today as they first did so long ago.


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