Friday Feast #40: Standards, Forward Compatibility, CSS, and Photography

Here are just a few of the highlights of the past week or so with a little photography mixed in.

Web Standards, Forward Compatibility

Forward compatibility and web standards is a new article by Peter-Paul Koch, written for There are quite a few comments at, in addition to Jeffrey Zeldman’s Daily Report and Ian Lloyd’s Accessify.

That leads right into the next topic, the upcoming XHTML 2.0.

Upcoming Changes with XHTML 2.0

Mark Pilgrim’s latest Dive Into XML article at, All That We Can Leave Behind, covers some of the major changes coming with XHTML 2.0. Mark explains how to plan for it now to make the transition a lot easier.

Standards for Businesses

Cingular is one the latest major companies to create a site based on XHTML and CSS. While it doesn’t validate to W3C’s validator, it’s a visually appealing tables-free CSS design implementation using XHTML.
[hat tip: css-discuss and maccaws]

MACCAWS has started a listing of larger company sites based on standards. MACCAWS also has categorical listings of articles about making a commercial case for adopting web standards, such as ROI (Return on Investment), and more in their Links section.


The Nemesis Project is another helpful resource, this time for CSS. Their goal is to collect links to all the CSS information possible. You’ll also find CSS articles and tips at the site, too. Created by Gary Bland and sponsored by the kind folks at


VELBON MAXi 343E Lightweight Photographic TripodAfter I bought a new digital camera a few months ago it wasn’t long before I found that I needed a tripod for close-up shots especially. Since I need something lightweight but sturdy the Velbon MAXi 343E seemed like a good choice, especially after reading how Velbon created it after Herbert Keppler’s needs for a travel tripod followed by Larry Berman’s review.

Earlier this month I took my first close-up photos using the Velbon MAXi 343E Ladybug and Rose Leaves, photo © copyright 2003 Shirley Kaisertripod with my Canon PowerShot G3 (Ladybugs and Rose Leaves, Marguerites Everywhere). I found this solid, lightweight, and handsome tripod incredibly easy to set up, move around, and adjust. No instructions needed. It collapses and expands with one hand, and it stores so small inside its included black carrying case.

For something small in size but sturdy and solid the MAXi 343E is exactly what I needed. I can see it will work fine to take along on hikes or when traveling while also being sturdy enough to do the job. If you’re looking for a tripod that’s small enough for travel but sturdy enough to do what you need, check out the Velbon MAXi 343E.

I can’t close out today’s Feast without tossing in a couple of photography sites that I discovered recently:


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