Friday Feast #41: Standards, Accessibility, and Weblogs

During the past few days the Web standards education and outreach discussion list has had a thread on blogs that cover standards and accessibility issues. Below I’ve listed a few of them that were sent in to the discussion list, but I’ve added my own comments and information to them.

Blogs That Cover Web Standards

  • <Glazblog/>
    by Daniel Glazman. Covers standards, W3C, CSS, XHTML, and more. Daniel is also an invited expert for W3C’s CSS Working Group and lives and works in France, employed at Netscape.
  • Brainstorms & Raves
    by Shirley Kaiser. Web design and development, standards, CSS, XHTML, the Web, typography, music, and more. Hey, who’s this?! Just seeing if you’re awake.
  • Taking Your Talent to the Web, by Jeffrey ZeldmanDaily Report
    by Jeffrey Zeldman. Very popular almost daily column by the former WaSP leader who continues to be passionate about web standards, site design and development, graphics, Flash, accessibility, and more, with tidbits for Mac users, too. His new book, Designing with Web Standards, is being printed and will be available soon. In the meantime, check out his other book, Taking Your Talent to the Web.
  • David Baron’s weblog
    David Baron’s log covers standards issues, CSS, Linux, and more. David is an invited guest expert for the W3C’s CSS Working Group and recently started a new job with Netscape/AOL in no small part due to his work on the Mozilla browser, too.
  • Digital Web, What’s New
    Nick Finck, other contributors. Digital Web’s weblog covers standards, design and development, CSS, graphics, the Web, and related news and information.
    By Mark Pilgrim. Informative, well-written weblog on accessibility, CSS, standards, web design, Python, RSS, and more.
  • Hixie’s Natural Log
    Ian Hickson. Standards, W3C, CSS, XHTML, DOM, web design, the Web, and related.
    Adrian Holovaty. Focuses on the technical aspects of news/information Web sites, covering Web design, Web standards, proper semantic markup, usability, accessibility, online journalism, content management.
  • Living Can Kill You
    Craig Saila’s informative weblog covers CSS, accessibility, design, standards, the Web, writing, and more.
  • Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web
    Eric Meyer. Standards evangelist for Netscape, CSS guru, popular author, and css-discuss listmom. Weblog covers standards, CSS, XHTML, W3C, and more.
  • Cascading Style Sheets: Separating Content from PresentationNoodle Incident
    by Owen Briggs. Great weblog about design and development, CSS, technology, the Web, daily life, more. Don’t forget to check out Owen’s terrific CSS book, Cascading Style Sheets: Separating Content from Presentation, which he co-authored with Steve Champeon, Eric Costello, and Matthew Patterson.
    James Buckley. Well-written weblog about web design and development, standards, the Web, CSS, Linux, weblogs, life, and other topics.
  • Simon Willison’s Weblog
    PHP, Python, CSS, XML and general web development.
  • SimpleBits
    Dan Cederholm. A place to write about technology, the web and life. Includes web design, standards, CSS, and more.
  • Stop Design
    Douglas Bowman. Covers design and development, CSS, the Web, and related. Much inspiration to be found at Stop Design.
  • tantek/log
    Tantek ¸elik. Covering web design and development, CSS, standards, W3C, personal, and more. Tantek is part of the W3C’s CSS Working Group, and he works for Microsoft building their Mac browsers.
  • TopStyle Blog
    Nick Bradbury, creator of Bradsoft TopStyle HTML/XHTML/CSS editor. Daily news about the web, standards, CSS, web design and development, and related.
  • What Do I Know?
    Todd Dominey, new media designer & writer waking up each day in Atlanta, GA.
  • WaSP Buzz
    The Web Standards Project. Weblog covers issues related to standards, browsers, software, the Web, and related.

Blogs That Cover Accessibility

  • Accessibility Weblog
    by Anitra Pavka. Very well done weblog covering issues, news, reviews, conferences, and more related to accessibility and usability.
  • Accessify
    by Ian Lloyd. Latest news about accessibility, tools and wizards including Acrobot Abbreviation and Acronym Generator, tutorials, articles, reviews, and links to more resources.
  • SAMS Teach Yourself CSS in 24 Hours by Kynn BartlettMacaccessibility
    by Kynn Bartlett. Covers news on Macs, accessibility, and Mac accessibility issues. Kynn has been an accessibility advocate for years, teaches courses via HWG, and has a new book on CSS, Teach Yourself CSS in 24 Hours.
  • Made for All
    Created by developers dedicated to accessible web content, Made for All has news, interviews, tutorials, tips, and articles about accessibility.
  • Web AccessiblogBuilding Accessible Websites (With CD-ROM), by Joe Clark
    By Joe Clark. Joe’s blog covers articles and sites about Web accessibility, and categorized by government requirements, e-commerce, screen readers, lawsuits, specs, standards, and tutorials, general, testing, research, other accessibility blogs, and more. See also Joe’s online companion to his book, Building Accessible Websites.

Ed Nixon has culled a more complete list from the above discussion thread that includes both English and French blogs that cover standards and accessibility, so check out his April 25th weblog post, Web standards and accessibility weblogs, etc.


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