Four Years Ago Today...

I was holding her hand as she lay in a coma at the hospital. She’d had a massive stroke and heart attack earlier that morning from which she would not survive. [my mom]Amazingly, despite her grave condition my mom held on to life long enough for out-of-state family to fly in to be there with her as she took her final breaths in this world.

Only a few days before that my mom and I had talked and laughed together. I knew that her last days were near, but I kept hoping she’d be here a little longer. In retrospect the signs were obvious, but at the time it was hard to imagine her dying.

[L to R: Me, my mom, 1999-03-21, six weeks before she died.]

The first year of my mom’s absence from this world felt like an eternity. It took a couple of years before I quit reaching for the phone to tell her something or to ask her a question only to remember that she wasn’t there anymore.

Four years have now passed since I held my mom’s hand as she took her last breath. While I continue to think of her every single day, now I smile inside remembering her presence and her positive influence on my life and on everyone’s lives that she touched. She was much loved and adored by everyone who met her as she was fun, kind, compassionate, wise, incredibly talented, and always interested in others. You couldn’t help but like her. She was almost 79 when she died, surrounded by her family just as she wished.

Although my daily column is mostly business-related, I’ve mentioned my mom’s influence on my website design business numerous times especially in regard to creativity, art, and design.[My mom, Homecoming Queen photo, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio] My mom was an art major in college and remained passionate about art and music throughout her life. She gently taught me so much, not just about art and music but also about love, forgiveness, kindness, and compassion.

Listed below are links to some of the posts in which I’ve mentioned my mom’s artistic or creative influences on me.

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