Promoting Your Weblog

You’ve been writing away and you’d love to build your readership. You want people to find your weblog, read it regularly, and tell their friends and colleagues. How does that happen? In addition to optimizing your site for search engines, search engine submissions, submitting your weblog to sites that list weblogs and submitting your RSS feeds, check out Promoting One’s Blog and its follow-up, More Suggestions for Increasing Blog Readership for some practical ideas. You may or may not agree with them all, and you may pick up a few tips in the process.

Also, take a look at the weblogs that you like and consider how you found those weblogs, why you return, and why you recommend certain posts or weblogs to others. Check out some of the listings of most popular weblogs and see what they have in common to make them so popular. Keep in mind, too, that some topics are more popular than others, so check out weblogs that cover similar topics to yours. Incorporating those reasons into your own weblog may help increase your readership, too.

Here are a few links to listings of top weblogs, ranked by various factors explained at each site:

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