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Several Mozilla and Netscape 7 users kindly emailed me to let me know that some of the hyperlinks within my weblog posts were multiplying endlessly when the mouse was passed over them using those particular browsers. I was bitten by a Mozilla and Netscape 7 multiplying hyperlinks bug.

I learned that the multiplying hyperlinks bug occurs in some versions of Mozilla and Netscape 7 when there is a combination of the CSS pseudo-element :first-line on a block element and the dynamic pseudo-class :hover on a hyperlink. I was using the :hover pseudo-class and more recently I added the :first-line pseudo-element within my style sheet to test browser support. Little did I know that combination would result in this quirky hyperlinks bug.

Edwardson Tan’s article about this multiplying links bug goes into more detail for those interested, including examples to see for yourself. His descriptions of the problem also matched what was happening at my site with the hyperlinks multiplying.

To resolve the Mozilla and Netscape 7 multiplying links bug I went ahead and commented out the :first-line pseudo-element for now. Doing so seems to have made the multiplying hyperlinks problem disappear. If anyone still finds it here, though, let me know.

The handy :first-line pseudo-element doesn’t have much browser support yet, unfortunately, but hopefully that will change before long. I’ll try this pseudo-element again later this year and see how things are going.

My thanks again to all those who emailed me and even sent me screenshots about the multiplying links problem within the weblog posts. Based on my Google searches and the comments I received it seems like an uncommon occurrence, but hopefully my mention here will help someone else if bitten by the multiplying links bug.

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